Theme III

Data-driven Health Solutions

Theme III, dealing with data-driven solutions for healthcare, combines expertise from TAU, UO, UEF, and VTT in a balanced manner, with joint participation to all of its four workpackages. The PIs include both technology and clinical experts – they are all highly recognized at global level in their respective fields.

Each PI represents teams that have been working with health data analytics for healthcare challenges for over 30 years, as demonstrated e.g. by strong joint publications and co-ordinating roles in research project consortia. They range from FP4 to H2020 project co-ordination in EU context and from early TEKES research, SHOKs to large BF co-innovation efforts, as well as AoF consortia leadership in Finnish projects.

From a technological excellence point of view, spearheads are in (biomedical) signal and image processing, AI and machine learning for (clinical) decision support with an emphasis on real-life demands and special strengths in combining different data sources and modalities.

From a clinical need point of view, demonstrated top expertise exists in the high-need domains of chronic musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases.

The researcher expertise and experience are complemented by highly valuable patient data cohorts at the sites, fast large computing research infrastructures and own health-technology test labs.

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