Theme I

Diagnostics and therapies

Theme I, focused on in vitro and in vivo tissue engineering (TE), brings together a highly multidisciplinary group of experts. The core is formed by a Center of Excellence project Body-on-Chip Research at TAU (CoE-BoC, in which we are ranked internationally among top 5 % in area of TE. Here, the national competence of the network is widened and strengthened by integrating internationally recognized research groups from UO with complementing expertise.

Technological, cell biology and clinical excellence in TE and in body-on-chip lies in the multidisciplinary research of internationally demonstrated expertise in

  • stem cell biology
  • biophysics
  • in vitro and in vivo tissue engineering
  • biomaterials
  • microsystem and bioimaging technologies
  • novel medical devices and related clinical expertise.

As examples, Theme I network has developed novel stem cell-based treatments for patients with cranio-maxillofacial bone defects and urinary incontinence, and for blindness (company formed currently); In the diagnostic area, biomarker-based technology is developed for customized treatment in ophthalmology; IPSC-derived cardiomyocytes have been utilized as drug testing platform for potential cardiac adverse effects; The formed Neuro Event Lab company provides personalized, accurate and scalable diagnostics for epilepsy patients with in-home monitoring system; and research in biomaterials has led to patent applications, publications and start-up companies.

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